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Friday, March 27, 2015

Gaining Confidence and Keeping your Power

It's been so long.  My Saturday's are very long.  I have sacrificed 6 hours of the weekend to learn, conquer and reclaim what is rightfully mine---sketching.

I must!  I have to sketch out all the noise in my head.  The thing is I never expected it to be so hard, so intense, so much damn homework.  I keep telling myself, "you are so old."  I was warned and advised by my life coach not to say that anymore.  I am what I speak, so speak the best and watch it manifest.

So, I promised weeks go to share and I admit I was scared.  I am not confident in my drawing/sketching abilities--yet in still I insist on calling myself an artist.  What a minute, I AM AN ARTIST.  Trained in ceramics, jewelry metal smith, and sewing.  There's that confidence.

The crosquis is by far besides Algebra they hardest thing that exist to me--right now--I think.  I have tried and tried--and to my surprise, I have made huge break through.  So I promised to share, and that's what I am doing.  

Hope you enjoy the my process of gaining confidence by sharing and keeping my power by pushing through.   Here you go: "The Girls"

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