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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Food Porn


Words can't explain the taste of these little fried conch fritters.

Worldly travels lead to the most exotic experiences.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Four Square

When a bad day turns good...

I was on a complete high after completing my Momentum Monday 30 Day Challenge. The feeling of utopia is an under statement when one has completed tasks, goals, weathered the storm, and found her path up a twisting, winding road.  In my creative mind of big dreams to come, this was the beginning for my small business outline to blossom into a full business plan.

Unseen plans were in my forecast, as I found myself playing a game of Four Square.  My day started off complicated-I was upset and frustrated about many sorts of things.  As the day progressed, so did my discomfort.  I decided to meditate with the Arch Angel Micheal-as a shield for protection.  When I awaken from this meditative state, I looked at my surroundings and realized--I was cornered.

Feelings of anxiety and nervousness came over me and it was at that time I knew the cause was due to me living a cornered life.  "I've been hoarding situations from one corner of the room to the next".   I said to myself, "Your life is cornered".  I had these thoughts of how I've cornered myself.  I realized that when I recently cleaned one corner of my room that represented failure, dislike, and the past to invite, new energy--I had taken the new which I produced during my 30 day challenge and cornered it in a new corner of my room.  There it hit me.  My new product shifted and cornered with fear of moving forward with producing it myself, not feeling worthy to do it right-just creating a lot of negative energy and self esteem around a really beautiful experience & product.  I noticed that it slipped pass being delivered to get logo stamped during the 30 day challenge.  Not because, "it was not on my to-do list", but because It was my EGO no allowing ME to LET GO!

So, I did it. I jumped up. Took to paper for a journal log, realizing that the 30 Day Challenge will continue for me as well. I promised myself today, I WILL DROP OFF MY PRODUCT FOR LOGO STAMPING! Goal Accomplished.  I also have some new goals to keep myself from playing the game of Four Square.  Ladies, if you did not make your 30 Day Challenge objectives, keep going.  I've learned although you may have completed one chapter, an open book will always have blank pages.


Allow yourself to go through the process.  Realize.  Accept.  Take Action.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Supporting Youth Creatives

I admire the youth when they strive to be positive, creative and driven.  As Art continues to  depreciate, creative fight to keep it alive.  Its every where you go. From the painter to the illustrator.  Whether if it is creative or technical, stages or streets Art will always be an important factor.

Please share and donate in support of G.I.T Art-Generating Income Through Art.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gaining Confidence and Keeping your Power

It's been so long.  My Saturday's are very long.  I have sacrificed 6 hours of the weekend to learn, conquer and reclaim what is rightfully mine---sketching.

I must!  I have to sketch out all the noise in my head.  The thing is I never expected it to be so hard, so intense, so much damn homework.  I keep telling myself, "you are so old."  I was warned and advised by my life coach not to say that anymore.  I am what I speak, so speak the best and watch it manifest.

So, I promised weeks go to share and I admit I was scared.  I am not confident in my drawing/sketching abilities--yet in still I insist on calling myself an artist.  What a minute, I AM AN ARTIST.  Trained in ceramics, jewelry metal smith, and sewing.  There's that confidence.

The crosquis is by far besides Algebra they hardest thing that exist to me--right now--I think.  I have tried and tried--and to my surprise, I have made huge break through.  So I promised to share, and that's what I am doing.  

Hope you enjoy the my process of gaining confidence by sharing and keeping my power by pushing through.   Here you go: "The Girls"

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Americana at Brand

I must admit, I go through times where I shop. One of my favorite places is Zara's & BCBG.  I absolutely love these places.  So when my teacher told the class our field trip on the 14th of March will be at The Americana at Brand--I almost fell over board with joy.

The line up:

Meet at the Fountain
Break up into groups
Scout the stores (of course not shopping, no pictures--who made this up?)
Analyze POS, Window Displays, Collections, etc.
Sketch for inspiration

I'm excited.  Let's check out The Americana at Brand at what they have to offer.  This place is gorgeous, and of course, I'll be taking pictures, interviewing my team and the whole (9)

What store do you think I should draw inspiration from for David & Diva  Toddler/Children Micro Collection?

Free People is one of my favorites hands down. I am so into the bohemian chic. Also, I can never live without BCBG/Max Azria. My closet drips of this contemporary luxe designer.  So, you'll have to find me some new ones---Sorry!

Can't wait for David & Diva Handmade Small Leather Goods (SLG). Coming Soon! Sneak peek on blog next week.  Be sure to tune in!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I got killed by a Croquis!

*****WARNING!!! I AM NOT A TECHNICAL WRITER. Shit happens in this article.

Today 2-21-2015: 

All though the events of my first day in Fashion Sketch & Design I may be tragic. I feel compelled to share with you how I miserably failed at the baby steps of: Making A Croquis.

As you already know, Croquis is a french word meaning sketch, although generally referred to as a fashion sketch. By the way, if you did already know this good for you, I honestly just found out the meaning 9:00 a.m. this morning. (I'm excited)   ?: Why do I have a 30 page Croquis book that I've been sketching from and didn't know the meaning?

What I found out in the time I sat in class working through the class assignment, is that I can't sketch worth crap.  Okay, let me take a few steps back. I have some skills-mostly mix media and I never draw two eyes, just one good one.  I also have developed skills in flat sketches which I love because there are no eyes, nose, mouth--just the design of the clothing and all the components that should make it a really great sample piece.   So today, I found out that I truly suck.  I mean outside the fact that my female looked like a boy with swollen eyes and a nose that no real person could breathe from, I guess I really need to practice.

My determination exceeds my talent (laughter).  All is not lost. I've taught myself how to cook great recipes from watching the Food Network and I shall do the same with a Croquis.  It almost sound like a biscuit--maybe even a buttermilk biscuit warmed with sweet butter--but it's not.  It's a cold form of a 9 line point mannequin that is the basis of my absolute existence for the next few months.

?: Why is this so difficult when I learned flat sketching from my Croquis book?  Umm, maybe that's not the same as drawing one from scratch.   OHHHHH!

So while I google--youtube Croquis, eyes, mouth, nose---and chant...head...chin...apex...waist...crotch...fingertips...knee...calf...ankle...ground/did I mention I hate drawing hands---Damn It!  As I chant these daunting body parts, all is not lost.  One day, I too shall master the art of the Croquis.

And to think, I sat for hours in class without coffee.   Someone save me before Saturday. Why, why why! Eyes, hands and shoes!  Why?!

Check in next week when I post my sketches.  Too soon for goodbye.

David & Diva

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Karen Byrd Natural Girls United

I think for the first time ever, I've absolutely feel head over heels in love with this entire collection.

While my posts are few too far in between, this is definitely worth the wait.  As the natural hair care & design world is taking its place back in the spot light-I stumbled across Karen Byrd. I am simple amazed.  Speechless.

Karen Byrd?

Well this sums it up.  I could go on and on, but I think the video and the link to the movement will say it best.

This is such an inspiration for me to continue to cultivate my ideas.
I've already picked out my doll at the age of 38.  Love it.  Congrats and much success.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Who is Olivia McFallar?

Born and raised in Chicago, she once was a problem child who turned her energy around to more positive inspirations.  Against all odds, she completed College at the University of Illinois, pursued a professional modeling career with Ford Modeling Agency, and now she is exploding in  the Hip Hop Music Industry which we have come to know her as LIV.

So, I searched around #Google, and to my surprise, YLC is a movement.  I admit, I loved her "Sorry Mrs. Carter" and also a Nicki Minaj diss song, but what absolutely pulled me in is that LIV is a natural.  Yes, she has tutorials on YouTube about healthy natural hair, nails, and fitness.

I would have to agree, she is a inspiration and a positive force for women. From advice on loving the skin you're to avoiding butt enhancements, she is opposite of what women images are being portrayed in the media.

So enough. Pretty Rich Minds will keep their eyes on this prize and keep you all posted on the latest health and beauty tutorials and especially the music.  Check her out on YouTube Yes Liv Can

We wanted to share a fitness Vlog
5 Minute Fitness 
LIV's Beauty Vlog
Website Info:


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Young vs. Brooks III

I don't know if you all had the chance to watch this--but we'll be giving updates on: "what's going on LATELY"

And many of you will be surprised--hahaha  IT's not me!  I promise you!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dave Chappelle Maya Angelou Iconoclasts-Describe her encounter with Tupac

Dr. Maya Angelou interview with Dave Chappelle is a phenomenon. Her knowledge, experience and history truly make her a Legend.