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Friday, February 28, 2014

Les femmes de Paris sens de la mode

Rihanna  kills it in Paris.  Slaying fashion is never a problem for this icon.  She's serving fashion on a Paris dish.  In light of everything, Rihanna has been reported to donating 1.75 million dollars to a Barbados Hospital in memory of her late grandmother.  I guess we have more to look at other than a sexy pic!

Umm,  I think I will get my piercing back!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mariah Carey -Jessica Rabbit! Say What! Clever

I missed the BET Honors a few nights ago.  Loving me some "Mariah Carey", and  her dress was absolutely stunning.  This dress was jaw dropping and captivating -perfect conversation piece The internet is buzzing.  At the sweet ripe age of 43, the mother of two graced us with a cleavage bearing sultry corseted silk gown poised so eloquently atop of a piano.  

As I continued to watch her performance, all came to fruition, Jessica Rabbit!  She totally pulled it off.

I loved this performance!  Two Fav's of 2014.

On The Move-Simply Day In L.A.

Love when you marry fashion and comfort.  Cute and Catchy!

Today's selection:  Flora cutout top by Aria.  I love this top! The sides are cutout--its amazing and so hippie chic.Trendy. Paired with Paige Jeans (so comfy--grab a pair), Vintage Micheal Kors Clogs (Priceless), and Genuine Leather Patchwork Handbag!

I added a elegant touch of jewels:  Genuine Pearl & Garnet Faceted Beaded Necklaces by Designer: M.Pinilla
Sunglasses: Prada Baroque (Nordstrom)

Visit Cute and Catchy Boutique for Handbag. Top (Coming Soon)
M. Pinilla Jewels
Enjoy life in style and comfort!  Smooches to all my PRM's! (Pretty Rich Minds, Mother's & Mutha  *ucka's)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We absolutely can't wait to meet SJP at The Grove.  As stated, "The highly anticipated SJP line debuts exclusively at Nordstrom and soon with Italian-made shoes and other wardrobe must-haves. Set your alarm—the collection will be available online February 28 at midnight Pacific!

Wow!  It's finally here. We all can have a little Carrie Bradshaw on our feet to prance around in the big city.

Here are some dates:  Where's your stop?  Make it a girl's night out!

February 28-March 2 – Pop-Up Shop, 
372 West Broadway, New York City 

March 5 – Nordstrom Flagship, Seattle

March 6 – The Grove, Los Angeles ****My stop!

March 7 – Michigan Avenue, Chicago

March 8 – Aventura, Miami

March 9 – NorthPark Center, Dallas 

If you attend, please take a pic of your favorite pair.  Don't forget to have fun by trying on!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Styling with Zara from Head to Toe!

With Zara being one of my favorite all time designer stores---I figure I share this photo.

Heather Grey Jersey Jacket: Zara
Heather Grey Print Tee: Zara
Red Skinny Trouser: Zara
Grey Suede Pumps: Zara
Lipstick: M.A.C RiRi Woo
Hair: TwiggiLove Au Naturel
Similar styles can be found at: Cute and Catchy Boutique

#prettyrichminds Air Yeezy 2 making great investments for many Ebay Sellers

Kanye West Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" sold out within 11 minutes of Nike announcing the release.   The sneaker sold for $245.00 some receipts do not even reflect shipping cost.   You might be one of the people who said, I'm not buying that for $245.00.  Well, there were a few people who thought above just a single purchase for self gratifying fashion impulses.  They are Ebay sellers.  Now, I must admit, I too am a seller on Ebay. "Damn It, how did I miss this one?"  Don't answer that!  I'll cringe.  Anyhow, I want to retract what I was doing the day Nike announced the big Red October release.  Feb.9, 2014 @ 10:00 am.  I was probably asleep or chasing off my one year old.  What I didn't do is:  Sign up for Nike Tweets, emails and newsletter once I watched Kanye West rant and rave about how Nike was bad business.  I missed all the signs of great investing.  However, these luck Ebay sellers, didn't.  For a small investment of $245.00, Air Yeezy 2's are selling for thousands, I mean up to $10,000 and someone reported 1 million.   Although we couldn't find the million dollar sell, we got lucky and pulled up some great profit sells.

Go Ebay sellers for thinking rich!

Kevin Hart/ Air Yeezy 2 "Red October"

Kanye West Nike Sneaker

Will you purchase shoes from the designer of Micheal Kors & Stuart Weitzman?

Layla-Joy Williams is a native New Yorker who officially launched her shoe line LAYLAJOY in 2011.    After designing for the likes of Micheal Kors and Stuart Weitzman, Layla-Joy decided it was time to create her own.

A line mixed with trend and comfort, ranging from sassy to sleek, we are sure she is the next best thing offering trendy designer shoe wear at affordable prices.   What's affordable.  Layla-Joy prices range from $79-$300 (not included sales).

Reality:  We have major companies such as Nike, Reebok, BCNY International founded shortly in 1991 or the sister company Synclair Brands who business is the importing and selling of shoes which possibly house these awesome, talented shoe designers and have them work on major contracts of those like Micheal Kors, etc. to help develop and achieve their style.

That's not to take away from the actual talented designers like Micheal Kors, but little light is shed on those who assist in making the sketch into a actual product.  So, why wouldn't we buy from the designers who helped develop the styles and fashion trends we crave?  Good question.   Reality again is most designers have worked for major companies--etc. and thus await for their moment to become independent as a designer.

What is lacking in the world of over saturated fashion designers, is the presence of African American designers known, celebrated and supported within the black community.

So we ask you again,"Will you purchase shoes from the designer of Micheal Kors...?" or better yet, how about you purchase a good $250.00 pair of Layla-Joy in place of Coach, Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, or any other high fashion shoe.    Let's mix up our style and selection.  Spread the love and enjoy Layla-Joy Williams shoe designs.

Rosa Heel by Layla-Joy Williams $140.00

Kanye West rant Newark NJ 2/15/14---Please give 11 minutes and 54 seconds of your time---LISTEN!

This is way I believe he is genius beyond the SO-CALLED "rants".