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Saturday, February 21, 2015

I got killed by a Croquis!

*****WARNING!!! I AM NOT A TECHNICAL WRITER. Shit happens in this article.

Today 2-21-2015: 

All though the events of my first day in Fashion Sketch & Design I may be tragic. I feel compelled to share with you how I miserably failed at the baby steps of: Making A Croquis.

As you already know, Croquis is a french word meaning sketch, although generally referred to as a fashion sketch. By the way, if you did already know this good for you, I honestly just found out the meaning 9:00 a.m. this morning. (I'm excited)   ?: Why do I have a 30 page Croquis book that I've been sketching from and didn't know the meaning?

What I found out in the time I sat in class working through the class assignment, is that I can't sketch worth crap.  Okay, let me take a few steps back. I have some skills-mostly mix media and I never draw two eyes, just one good one.  I also have developed skills in flat sketches which I love because there are no eyes, nose, mouth--just the design of the clothing and all the components that should make it a really great sample piece.   So today, I found out that I truly suck.  I mean outside the fact that my female looked like a boy with swollen eyes and a nose that no real person could breathe from, I guess I really need to practice.

My determination exceeds my talent (laughter).  All is not lost. I've taught myself how to cook great recipes from watching the Food Network and I shall do the same with a Croquis.  It almost sound like a biscuit--maybe even a buttermilk biscuit warmed with sweet butter--but it's not.  It's a cold form of a 9 line point mannequin that is the basis of my absolute existence for the next few months.

?: Why is this so difficult when I learned flat sketching from my Croquis book?  Umm, maybe that's not the same as drawing one from scratch.   OHHHHH!

So while I google--youtube Croquis, eyes, mouth, nose---and chant...head...chin...apex...waist...crotch...fingertips...knee...calf...ankle...ground/did I mention I hate drawing hands---Damn It!  As I chant these daunting body parts, all is not lost.  One day, I too shall master the art of the Croquis.

And to think, I sat for hours in class without coffee.   Someone save me before Saturday. Why, why why! Eyes, hands and shoes!  Why?!

Check in next week when I post my sketches.  Too soon for goodbye.

David & Diva

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